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My little old hand stitching toolbox



I am going to stitch the upper to the runner sole today :-)


Stripey canvas


I found this company, Deckchairstripes ( who’ll send you up to 5 samples of the canvas for free! (Go on, get some samples! You can use them for trimmings, and flip flops:) While you’re there you can get yourself some crazy cushions, and you don’t know how to relax until you own a hammock.

It’s so cheerful, so English, and so summery! I bought some “Punting” (the middle green one) and I can’t wait to make  some shoes out of it!


The Amazing Singer 317


As the lady I bought it from called it. It’s from 1966 and can handle thick fabrics, and leather. Like an industrial machine, but then portable.   Hmmm, just look at its creamy retro-ness. Aluminium on the outside and metal on the inside; indestructable. (Hopefully)