Hello and welcome.

My name is Avila, and I trained to be a shoemaker/Footwear Technologist at the prestigious Cordwainer’s College in London, now part of the London College of Fashion. I worked in a small business making hand made, made to measure orthopedic shoes, where I prepared the insoles, lasted up the shoes, and built and finished the soles of the shoes. This was very interesting as all the feet and therefore the shoes were unexpected shapes and sizes. Unfortunately this handwork was taking a toll on my body and I decided to stop…

I then designed, made and sold soft, leather baby shoes for a few years, which was fun and very rewarding. (Parents used to tell me how their child refused to take them off, and were caught feeding the lions on their feet raisins;-)

In the meantime I reconnected with my art roots, and started studying Illustration at UWE in Bristol. Now I am keeping my shoemaking knowledge fresh by showing others how to make their own shoes, and being inspired by what people come up with!


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  1. Hi Avila, do you find that Renia Aquilim is strong enough to glue a leather midsole to a man made or natural rubber sole? I really don’t want to use glues with toxic solvents. I have been trying to find reviews of it for months with no luck. I am just making shoes for myself but I know that Barge cement for example is highly toxic. Carol

    • Hi Carol,
      I’ve only used the Aquilim on EVA soling and it holds well. I can’t say if it will be different for leather and rubber, but these are more inflexible and may need stronger glue. Also the rubber is not porous, and will need sanding to give it a rough surface. I’d say try it and see what happens! No fumes is definitely preferable.

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