How to install a zipper.


I was browsing some patterns on Ravelry (knitters heaven) I clicked through to “the easiest knitted sweater zipper install ever” and found indeed the easiest install ever.(Who wants to spend time sewing when you could be knitting?)

The brilliant thing about the internet and a site like Ravelry is that you find a wealth of information that’s actually relevant, you’re never stuck on how to do something,and everybody is friendly! They also post some amazing handmade projects, and it’s all there for you to use and buy,adapt and enjoy.

And then I saw this:

Zipper install

What is that little ear doing there?

Not only is it amazingly useful, trackable and good, there is also a little intimate glimpse of someone’s life, someone who took the time to photograph all this, is very capable, and also has at least one ginger cat who likes to be near her and warm knitted items. I love it!


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