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Clarks Fargo Lace


Congratulations Clarks! You have produced a flat, unstructured shoe, that is more suited for autumn weather than the flip-flop and canvas stuff we’ve been wearing all summer. Since Toms’ rise to fame we have a whole nation used to wearing thin, flat, thin soled shoes. Compared to those these black suede lace ups without heel or toe reinforcements feel positively cosy and comfortable. (And Toms’ soles are very cushy compared to the sandals I see most of the girls wearing!)

To stop the upper from collapsing, and add some waterproofing, Fargo Lace only have a tiny rubber edge around the sole. They feel like wearing your comfy slippers.
The toe shape and the black suede remind me slightly of the Eighties, but nobody cares as long as we all wear them;-)

I only wish they came with alternative quarters….I’m against the hunt of wild jaguars….
Buy them! I did. I’ll probably copy them at some point;-)

P.S. Don’t worry; “Ponyskin” is not really made from ponies! They just leave the hair on the usual ol’ cowskins, and they die anyway, right?!

(Disclaimer!! Anybody who knows me will tell you I love cows, and I haven’t eaten any since I watched “Fast Food Nation” by Richard Linklater in 2006)
If you’re thinking of becoming a vegetarian, and just need a little more convincing, check it out:



The fabric shoe band wagon


You know something is big when the big boys want a piece of the market.

Over the course of the summer I have seen a big rise in “flimsy” footwear, in the shops and on people’s feet. Let’s face it; canvas and man-made materials are cheap, and unstructured holiday footwear is cheap to produce. (Who cares if it wears out after 2 weeks, they’re cheap to replace too, right?)



What the trainer-producers don’t want you to know, is that trainers are cheap too….It’s the brand name that makes them covetable and expensive.

But since Toms’ rise to fame and their obvious popularity, big brands want to join in, and they’ve come up with a whole new price range in between “sport” and “flimsy holiday”.


And people love it; they are light, funky, well-designed, and perfect for summer. And we’re all bored of the Crocs shape!

They use sports wear technology with flip-flop materials; washable, rotproof, and unfortunately not as biodegradable as canvas and leather…

I think there should be a movement back again; flat sole units made out of leather with a pre-cut stitch channel, a sewn upper made from strong biodegradable fabric (invent! recycle!) and the two pieces to be combined in one action: using a sole stitcher/ sewing machine (or even hands:-) No glues, no big factories full of machinery, no rubbish.
Ahh, I can dream, and keep sewing…