Finishing the soles


EVA is a great material; it’s light, soft, doesn’t stretch, comes in all kinds of colours and densities, and let’s face it: it’s cheap. The good thing for me, and people making footwear from home, is that you can cut the thinner layers with scissors, though it’s near-impossible to get a continual smooth edge.

If you are particular about finishing the edges of the soles quite neatly- or it’s just too tiring to keep your feet moving- have a look at my portable set-up: Welcome to the balcony workshop:-)

It’s a drill clamped in a workbench, with a drum sander attachment. Even this one, which is a cordless, doing only 700 rpm, works well enough to tidy the edges up. I’m quite pleased!

Ideally, I’d walk into a fully kitted out workshop where a multitude of tools and machinery is laid out ready to use of course, and even  a more powerful drill that has a locking mechanism for “on”, so you have your hands free (or don’t use up so many zip ties) is an improvement, but you have to admit this is a pretty sweet deal: Small, portable,sufficient, not very noisy, and assuming you have a drill and a workbench already, cost me £7.54.

An important factor for a lot of people these days…



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