Gluing the soles


After you’ve stitched the upper to the runner sole, it’s time to glue the soles on! I should say, after every stage take the opportunity to try the shoes on! I find it immensely motivating to finish them then, so I can get to the business of wearing them around town and catching the looks:-)  At every stage there is also the option for adaptation, or even starting again:-(  That hardly happens though! That’s what sample making is for;-)

I trimmed the runner sole neatly to 5mm from the stitches. That way the outer sole will overhang a bit, and will be easier to fit. The runner is also easier to trim neatly with scissors.

Glue according to directions. You can use glue for fixing bicycle tyre punctures too. Reheat/reactivate, put the two parts together and give it a good hammering! Then put bulldog clips all along the edge to be on the safe side. Trim the outer sole with scissors or knife.

The shoes are finished! If you have a band sander handy you can tidy up those edges, if not, just keep your feet moving and no one will know!

I treated myself to some girly covered insoles. I’ve heard that you’re allowed to mix stripes and flower prints nowadays, so do whatever you fancy!

And then they were finished:-)


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  1. Hello! Love your posts on making a pair of shoes. What do you use for the insoles? The same eva foam as the runner sole or something different?

    • Hi Stefanie, you don’t generally use the same EVA for the insock, as even the low density stuff can feel quite hard on the feet,and make the whole shoe more rigid. I used an orthopedic sheet material called Poroform, it’s blue or dark grey and comes in different thicknesses and densities. You could also sew a padded insock.

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