Another study stating the obvious


Articles on shoes grab attention, it doesn’t matter what they’re about (You have to read them to find out, and that was the only purpose of the publisher) This article from the CBC News community blog states the obvious; “Shoes say a lot about a person”, or rather, people judge people on first impressions, starting with the shoes (or teeth, or clothes)

The strangers hardly stay around long enough to find out if their impression was correct, and anyway, the choice of shoes worn on a particular day has to do with a lot more than the perceived generalised personality trait (just the one) of the wearer.

Why I’m really posting this article is that the comments and replies from the crazy Americans is hilarious!

For example on page 4;

Comment: Line of Fire: “I like slip on shoes. Guess it means I’m a loafer.”

Reply; Skippysays: “Do you wear them with slacks?”

Seriously though, I think shoes reflect preferences, not personalities. Wearing high heels reflects the persons preference to appear (and feel) a certain way over being comfortable, and able to run away. That preference may say something about their personality, but what exactly, depends on the preferences of the viewer…


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